Remembering Windows 2000

Someone brought me a Windows 2000 PC to clean up. Usual spyware/virus problems. Some crappy program says the PC is infected. If you buy the cleaning program, it will “remove” the infections that it created. Booted into Safe Mode. Installed Spybot and AVG 7.5. Scan and clean. Booted normally. Updated 2000 to the most “current” updates. Ran the SP4 w. update rollup patch. bumped the AVG up to 8.5. Set everything to run nightly scans.

The PC is a P4 w. 512MB RAM and a 40GB hard drive. If you don’t over stress it, W2K runs pretty well.

It is amazing how ancient and archaic Windows 2000 feels. But you know, it is like riding a bicycle…