Common Powershell Commands


Get-Help -Name Get-*
Get-Command –Name *IP*
Get-Service | Export-CSV c:\service.csv
Get-Service | Select-Object Name, Status | Export-CSV c:\service.csv
gwmi Win32_USBControllerDevice
Get-Process | Where-Object {$_.Name –eq “iexplore”}

Top 10 Cmdlets to Start Using Immediately
Get-Command retrieves a list of all available cmdlets.
Get-Help displays help information about cmdlets and concepts.
Get-WMIObject retrieves management information by using WMI.
Get-EventLog retrieves Windows event logs.
Get-Process retrieves a single or list of active processes.
Get-Service retrieves a Windows service.
Get-Content reads in text files, treating each line as a child object.
Add-Content appends content to a text file.
Copy-Item copies files, folders, and other objects.
Get-Acl retrieves access control lists (ACLs).


Shut Down WSUS

You can stop the service “Update Services” from the console.

Or from cmd use “net stop wsusservice”

Outlook 2003 Out Of Office Assistant ‘command not available’

To resolve the problem

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on Help menu.
  • Click on About Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Click on the Disabled Items button.

You will see a Disabled Items window open, with the following information within it:

The items below were disabled because they prevented Outlook from functioning correctly.

Please note that you may have to restart Outlook for these changes to take place.

Select the ones you wish to re-enable.

If you see “Addin: outex.dll (outex.dll)” listed, click on it to highlight it and then click on the Enable button. Then click on the Close button. Then click on the OK button to close the About Microsoft Office Outlook window.

Remembering Windows 2000

Someone brought me a Windows 2000 PC to clean up. Usual spyware/virus problems. Some crappy program says the PC is infected. If you buy the cleaning program, it will “remove” the infections that it created. Booted into Safe Mode. Installed Spybot and AVG 7.5. Scan and clean. Booted normally. Updated 2000 to the most “current” updates. Ran the SP4 w. update rollup patch. bumped the AVG up to 8.5. Set everything to run nightly scans.

The PC is a P4 w. 512MB RAM and a 40GB hard drive. If you don’t over stress it, W2K runs pretty well.

It is amazing how ancient and archaic Windows 2000 feels. But you know, it is like riding a bicycle…